Freerider Ascot 3 Boot Scooter

The Ascot 3 wheel light weight travel scooter has distinctive styling easy to use controls, comes in two colours, easy to remove battery pack and easy to dismantle and store. The Scooter is ideal for use in the home, out shopping, airports on holiday or for days out with the family.


Distinctive stylingfile_2_33
Easy to use controls
Sturdy Shopping basket
Infinitely adjustable steering column
Maintenance-free sealed batteries
Easy to remove the battery pack
Dismantles for transporting in a car
Styled 8 inches solid tyre front
Styled 8 inches solid tyre rear

Overall Lenght 99.5cm/39 inches
Overall Width 51cm/20 inches
Ground Clearance 4cm/1.5cm
Maximux load 114Kg/250lbs
Range up to 18km/11miles
Heaviest Part 12kgs/78lbs
Wall to wall turning radius 6km/4mph
Battery 12 Amp
Weight (excluding Batteries)35.5 kgs