Adjustable Beds and Electric Profiling Beds

Adjustable beds go by a few names. Some call them adjustable beds, electric beds, profiling beds and also hospital beds. No matter the name they all have the ability to be moved into more comfortable positions for the user. As well as allowing the user to be more comfortable, adjustable beds also help the elderly or those with mobility issues get in and out of bed and help relieve symptoms of medical problems. Adjustable beds are also used by people who are bedridden whether it be permanently or temporary and are very easy to use as both the top and bottom ends can be controlled with a remote. Extra features that you can get included in your adjustable bed include massage options and heat.

ajustable bedOur Customer Reviews

Here are just a couple of the excellent reviews that our adjustable beds get.

“Since I got my adjustable bed I can now look forward to reading a book and watching television comfortably again.” – Mr J. Sawyer Ford, Liverpool

“Our new electric bed means I can now look after my husband a lot better on my own” – Mrs S. Kwon, Manchester.

“I have muscle loss in my legs so getting in and out of bed was very difficult until I got an adjustable bed” – John Locke, Wirral.

AdjustableDoubleBackgroundComfort That Is Tailored To Your Needs

Electric beds are just like hospital beds and are made to be adjusted so that your personal requirements are met. You can make adjustments so that you get a better nights sleep or to feel more comfortable while sitting up in bed watching television or reading. Adjustable beds can also come with memory foam or be made so they are mold to your particular body structure which provides the most possible comfort and medical bed

How An Adjustable Bed Can Benefit Your Health

  • You can adjust your electric bed to offset night time acid reflux.
  • They ease leg swelling.
  • They reduce back pain.
  • They address all over body pain such as neck pain and shoulder tension.
  • Getting in and out of bed is easier and safer.

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