Electric Wheelchairs


Electric wheelchairs give the user all the benefits of a standard wheelchair but with the added boost of freedom and independance. With a powered wheelchair you don’t need assistance or a carer to get around because you can easily control your own wheelchair, even if you have little strength or an upper body injury or disability. Electric wheelchairs are also comfortable and come with extra features like kerb climbers.

Statements From Our Customers

“I feel like I’ve got my freedom back and I enjoy being out on the open road as they say!” – B. Harmon, Liverpool.

“I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner! My husband and I can get out more often now because I don’t have to push him.” C. Langdon, Wirral.

“I love not having to be pushed around by the family when we go out. I’m so, so happy with my power chair.” L. Winters, Cheshire.

Variations Of Electric Wheelchairs

img_powered-wheelchairs_01At the moment there are 2 main types of powered wheelchairs on the the market. They are:

  • Traditional Style. These look like a normal wheelchair but have a motor and a battery incorporated into them.
  • Affixed Seating Style. This is a more involved electric wheelchair. It has an affixed seating system and usually have tilting, reclining and adjustable height options. They also have a power base.

Why Choose An Electric Wheelchair?

img_powered-wheelchairs_03You might want to consider buying an electric wheelchair if:

  • You find it hard to transfer from one seat to another.
  • You have weak arms.
  • You have a neck or shoulder injury.
  • You find a joystick is easier to control than handlebars on a mobility scooter.
  • You are unable to operate a manual wheelchair.