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Book A Home Demonstration For Free

Here at 1 Stop Mobility we want you to pick the best wheelchair for you. Our shop and showroom are located in Wirral, Wallasey but we understand that some of our customers may not be able to visit us, so we offer free home demonstrations on our mobility products. Just give us a call, tell us your needs and we can bring out the wheelchairs that we think will be best suited to you. All of our demonstrations are free and there is no obligation to buy.

Hire A Wheelchair

g5We offer a wheelchair hire service for those who only require a wheelchair for a short amount of time. Our hire periods are flexible and work around you so there are no minimum or maximum amount of time that you have to hire one for. Our wheelchair hire service only costs £2.50 a day plus a £25 refundable deposit.

Find The Right Wheelchair For You

Before buying a wheelchair it is important that you pick on that is best for you. There a quite a few different types of wheelchair so you need to take your requirements into consideration when looking at them all.

Types Of Manual Wheelchairs

  • Attendant Wheelchairs. These are manual wheelchairs that need to be pushed by a third party as the user can’t move it themselves due to the wheels being small casters. Our attendant wheelchairs start at £180.
  • Self Propelled. This is the kind of wheelchair that the user can operate themselves but they can also be pushed by a third party.
Wheelchair Weight

g5transitIf you choose a lighter wheelchair then it will be easier it operate and push. Lighter wheelchairs are also a lot easier to lift and fold should you need to transport it in a car. Although light wheelchairs have their obvious benefits they might not always be ideal especially if the user spends long period of time in the wheelchair or you plan on frequently going across rough or bumpy terrain.

In general, lightweight wheelchairs frames are made from aluminium and traditional, heavy wheelchairs are made of steel. Our lightweight aluminum wheelchairs start at £180.

Wheelchair Height And How It’s Measured

A wheelchairs seat height is measured while the user is sitting in it with a straight back and bent knees at a 90 degree angle. While the measurement is being taken it’s important to sit on the flat seat itself not a cushion. The measurement is taken starting at the heel of the users foot to the bend in their knee. Once you have the measurement is done you can add a cushion for comfort.

Types Of Wheelchair Armrests

Here are the 4 main kinds of wheelchair armrests available today:

  • Permanent/Fixed Position armrests. As you can tell from the name these are non adjustable and are a permanent feature of the wheelchair.
  • Custom made armrests. These can come in different lengths and be made specifically for you.
  • Adjustable armrests. The height of these armrests can be altered depending on the requirements of the user.
  • Removable armrests. You guessed it, these can be completely removed for the wheelchair itself.
  • Flip-back armrests. Although these can’t be totally removed they can be moved out of the way if the user wants to stand or sit down.

Wheelchair Leg Rests

Wheelchair leg rests can be ’swing away’ or detachable giving the user the option to move them out of their way or remove them completely. Most leg rests can be adjusted so that they are the ideal height for the user and provide proper support and comfort. Elevated leg rests can be purchased as an additional fixture and are perfect for those can’t can’t bend their legs.